Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Comment below with your own facts about our favorite cohost, affectionately known as “The Jacket” because of his impeccable mastery of the craft of upper body outerwear. Through all the seasons, be it brisk or mild, he always knows which parka, tunic, breaker or blazer to don. 

Facts we have so far:
(we will add more favorites from the comments)

Despises pearls and won’t talk to a woman wearing them.

Once entered a Tony Ross lookalike contest and won 3rd place. 

Can Guess Your Underwear Size in 3 Tries (... for dudes, 5 tries for ladies)

Was Originally cast in that famous car insurance commercial, but ended up taking a job as a technical consultant on Mindhunter instead.

Uses flat sheets and fitted sheets in reverse order.